Approved by ICAR (The Indian Council of Agricultural Research)

Soil organic carbon detection kits are revolutionizing our understanding of soil health by providing accurate measurements of soil organic carbon levels. Whether you’re a farmer, environmental scientist, or soil enthusiast, these kits offer invaluable insights into the vital organic component of soil.

Soil organic carbon detection kit is approved by ICAR (The Indian Council of Agricultural Research).

Soil organic carbon content up to 1.5 to 2.0 % increases soil porosity that supports growth of the soil microorganisms. This increases availability of different nutrients to the plant, resulting in better crop yield. Thus organic carbon is a true indicator of the soil health. Also it is proven fact that soil having sufficient organic carbon will definitely have proper content of other major elements like Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium.


Benefits of Soil Organic Carbon Detection Kits

Assessment of Soil Health :  Organic carbon is a key indicator of soil health, as it influences soil structure, nutrient cycling, and microbial activity. Soil organic carbon detection kits provide valuable data that helps assess the fertility, productivity, and sustainability of soil ecosystems.

Precision Agriculture :  Understanding soil organic carbon levels allows farmers to tailor their soil management practices more effectively. By optimizing organic matter inputs, tillage strategies, and crop rotations, farmers can improve soil fertility, water retention, and crop yields while reducing the need for synthetic inputs.

Carbon Sequestration :  Soil organic carbon plays a crucial role in mitigating climate change by acting as a reservoir for atmospheric carbon dioxide. Soil organic carbon detection kits enable researchers and policymakers to monitor changes in soil carbon stocks and develop strategies for enhancing carbon sequestration in agricultural and natural ecosystems.

SCD Kit Users

Soil corbon detection kit can be used by anybody who grows plants from backyard gardener to agriculture institutions.



Sugar Mills

Agri. Institutions

Field Staff


Tea Estates

Terrace Gardens

Backyard Plants

Features of Organic Carbon Detection Kit

  • Kit is user friendly as any farmer himself can perform this on the field. 
  • It gives quick and reliable results within 20 minutes. 
  • Evaluates the impact of organic carbon amendments supplemented periodically. 
  • It gives idea of amount of organic manure additions 
  • necessary for better yield. 
  • Highly economical compared with other standard laboratory methods. 
  • Low cost of testing per sample.

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