Soil Moisture Indicator

Irrigation water management requires timely application of the right amount of water. Competition for water, high pumping costs, and concerns for the environment are making good water management more important.

Using Soil Moisture Indicator, farmers can detects if there is a water shortage that can reduce yields or if there is excessive water application that can result in water logging or leaching of nitrates below the root zone

Measuring soil moisture also can build an awareness and knowledge of each irrigated field that is invaluable for planning and management.

Key Features

  • Instant indication of the soil moisture status.
  • Indicates soil moisture level with more objectivity by different coloured LED’s.(Check the gallery tab for picture and information on LED indicator)
  • Saves water, current and time.
  • Suitable for different types of soils.
  • Suitable for use in nurseries, farms, potted plants, etc..